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About Us


Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) is a leading Information and Communication Technology solutions provider in Indonesia.  Combining our wide range of ICT portfolios, trusted skillful professionals and proven track records with good reputation in managing large and complex ICT projects especially for SAP Implementation, Systems Integration and Outsourcing Projects, AGIT will take care your IT to allow you attaining the business growth.  

AGIT is a subsidiary of PT Astra Graphia, Tbk. (Astragraphia) - a member of ASTRA family.  Founded in 1976, Astragraphia is an IT-based Business Solutions provider with Fuji Xerox as its main partner.  Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX:ASGR) in 1989, Astragraphia has 75 service points distribute in 21 branches across Indonesia.

A Journey to Excellence

Wave 1: Ocean Voyage

digital_logo.jpgStarted in IT Business in 1983 when PT Astra Graphia was appointed as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Exclusive Distributor.  DEC was the second largest computer maker, created the minicomputer, networking and other innovations.  In 1993 we established PT Digital Astra Nusantara, a joint venture company with DEC, to provide world-class IT support and services. During our cooperation with DEC, we built our expertise in providing world-class IT solutions such as Client-Server technology, Distributed Computing, IT consulting, 24x7 IT Support & Services and 64-bits computing.  The venture was ended as DEC was sold to Compaq Corporation in 1999 but the know-how is remained on us.  

Wave 2: Good to Great 

AGIT Old LogoIn 2000, the management of PT Astra Graphia implemented a number of changes in order to increase future business growth by focusing IT business in a separate business unit.  In the same year PT Astra Graphia has changed their corporate identity with a new logo and brand strategy. IT Solution Business Unit introduced AGIT brand in 2001 and then become a well known flagship as the best IT solution provider in Indonesia.

Wave 3: Capture Leadership

SCS.AgitOne of the key achievements in 2004 was the finalization of the strategic partnership building process within the IT Solution Business Unit. Initiated in late 2003, this process has concluded with the appointment of Singapore Computer Systems Limited (SCS) as the Company’s strategic partner in IT Solution Business Unit. The conclusion of this process denoted the inception of a strategic partnership with SCS, which own 51% shares in PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies (SCS.Agit). Headquartered in Singapore, SCS is an integrated IT service provider that has extensive experience in Asia Pacific region and superb IT expertise. Through this strategic alliance, we are able to strengthen our competitive advantage and prepare for the digitalization and globalization era, by penetrating the regional and international market. 

Wave 4: Strive for Growth 

AGIT Logo smallWith compelling needs to grow faster and gain a full control of our own destiny, in September 2008 Astragraphia acquired SCS’ shares in SCS.Agit and changed the company name become PT Astra Graphia Information Technology.  This change and all transformations that we made never dilute our DNA to always give the best services and contribution to all stakeholders.