DigiSuites & Mobility

digiSuites are Own Solution Product from AGIT in form of application for Tablet and Mobile devices, it can be for standalone application and as an extension from existed application. As such providing mobile application for field workers, employee, customers, even for business partner.


Comprehensive End to End Solution for Customer Care & Billing System

Advance in-memory processing technology to process big-data, fully modular architecture, easy adoption to new business process, and easy integration to existing ERP, CRM and Contact Center will ensure fast and smooth implementation.


Data Processing System, Designed to Process Various Data Format to Full Enterprise Automation


Simple & Powerful Mobile Application, Helps You to Manage Your Workforce Management.

Mobile application to enabling field workforce with real time automation tool for assignment, input data, query information, and field-activity monitoring. Enhancing business process with accuration on timely data, real time control of mobile worker, reduce paper work, technician tracking with geo-location GPS base service, streamline, and report.


Internet Payment Gateway

digiPay is an internet payment gateway which connects both B2C and B2B with banks partner to collect electronic payment realtime to support both online and offline business.