mygate delivering unified view of data from many different sources & formats (Data Source) for supporting great analytics and business processes. As part of Astra Group product, mygate built by accommodating industry best practice yet offered with flexible business model.

Our Services

1. Data Consolidation

Consolidate your customer data to see their track record in transacting/interacting with your company for Risk Management purposes

2. Data Warehouse

Store your big data from wide range of sources within a company, mygate will process those datas as you need (via ETL process), and the output can be used to    guide management decisions

3. Mediation Tools

mygate will convert various types of input data into one data output format. This is done by collecting files of various types of data and formats, processing them so that these files have a uniform data format, then transferring to other 

systems and applications that require these files in a predetermined data format

4. Middleware

   mygate acts as a bridge between an operating system or database and applications, especially on a network

Business Solution