Mobile & Business Apps


Mobile & Business Application Solutions focuses on applications that can help you optimize business productivity including monitoring mobile workforce activities and carrying out day-to-day operations at the company. There are 2 groups of applications in this solution, namely mobile applications and core applications (core) supporting business operations.

In the mobile application group, there are applications for recording employee attendance and HSE operational support applications (Healthy, Safety, and Environment).

1. Employee Attendance Application

With the employee attendance recording application, you will easily monitor the attendance and location of your employees, especially those that work very mobile models such as the Sales team, Project Manager, Delivery team, etc. In addition to attendance, this application can also help your employees to apply for leave and medical reimbursement, directly from their respective mobile devices. Our application can be operated on Android and IoS based devices. Management Reports are also available to help you measure employee performance more objectively.

2. Application for Supporting HSE Operations

In the HSE operational support application, it will help you in ensuring HSE compliance points are met so that it can mitigate incidents in the work environment. You can easily document daily HSE inspection results with this application. And if there are findings of violations or incidents, employees can report directly through the application. The authorized officer will also be provided with this application, so that it will be faster to catch complaints and respond to them.

Meanwhile, as a core application supporting business operations, it consists of several applications including Billing System, Omni Channel Contact Center, e-Statement, and ERP on Cloud.

3. Billing System Application

If your company is engaged in providing services such as telecommunications, infrastructure (electricity, water, gas), etc., where you have many customers who routinely use your services, of course you will need a system that can help to calculate customer usage calculations. This system is a Billing System. From this usage, your company will be able to issue a bill to the customer. With this system, you can manage the customer database, products / services that the company has and what customers are using, tariffs, discounts, promos, terms and payment status for customers.

4. Omni Channel Contact Center application

Furthermore, every company certainly needs a Contact Center team that serves as the main window between the customer and your company. This team can receive any input from customers, it can be in the form of questions to complaints. And in this day and age, the delivery of input from customers is not only via telephone, but also a lot through social media, email and SMS. With our Omni Channel Contact Center application, you don't need to bother buying one by one application to capture customer input from various media. All are integrated into 1 in our application, so your Contact Center team only needs to open and operate 1 of these applications. And you can monitor the handling and history of input from customers like what, as well as measuring the performance of the Contact Center team.

5. E-Statement application

To support and facilitate you in promoting or disseminating information related to your company and its services / products, you can use our e-Statement solution. This application will help you spread information electronically through email, SMS and social media (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Whatsapp Business). The cost will be cheaper than you have to print and send by courier for that information, and the time to reach the customer also becomes faster.

6. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) On Cloud

To improve business progress of your company, of course supported by adequate internal systems. In this ERP on Cloud application that is built by ERPNext technology, it can help your company to optimize existing resources and valid calculations and processes. Where there are modules including modules manufacturing, finance, accountants, procurement, warehouse, CRM, inventory etc. ERP On Cloud application is designed with web-based capabilities, so it can be accessed on desktop or on mobile. Besides it does not depend on the number of users, and each user can be distinguished what modules can be accessed. To facilitate the tracking process, this application is also accompanied by a history log. All transactions made by the user will be stored in the log history. Making it easier to track if something goes wrong.