AGIT Implements Software Asset Management (SAM) to Customers

PT. Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) has successfully implemented Software Asset Management (SAM) technology to a large group of telecommunications companies in Indonesia in collaboration with SNOW Software. With effective Software Asset Management (SAM), companies can see the entire technology ecosystem and simplify licensing, find opportunities to save and reduce risk.

SNOW Software's Software Asset Management (SAM) technology can help customers reduce software costs by identifying and streamlining licenses up to 10%, then 90% faster in collecting data with the right level of accuracy.

Software Asset Management (SAM) implementations can also be used for solutions to manage continuity of service for critical applications by ensuring licenses are updated, and to track and incorporate non-secure software. With full visibility of equipment and software, you can remove applications with poor security standards, prevent malware, remove network scanning tools, and reduce business risks. If you are interested in business and solutions related to Software Asset Management and Snow Technology, please contact