Its objective is to unite the activities related to development, quality assurance, deployment, and integration. AGIT Dev Center aims at improving efficiency by eliminating the boundaries between these two phases of software development. For any technical specialist, Dev Center is a key factor in optimizing time and resources for better productivity, understanding, and training.

Service Offering

  1. Packaged Based 
    • Deliver your application using Rapid Application Development Framework (Agile and Scrum Adoption) and waterfall model as an option.
  2. Product Reference
    • Implement Development Center using Rapid Application Development Framework. eHR suite eAudit Suite
  3. Testing Service 
    • Manage your end-to-end testing activities to increase the confidence level of the system
  4. Backlog Based 
    • Offer developer(s) team to build an application as per design. Have the privilege to manage the task of the developer team
  5. Extend Development Center
    • Provide professional and competent resource(s) with your choice of technology. Have the privilege to directly monitor and control the resource



  • Tracking work with Kanban boards
  • Secure development practices
  • Code quality
  • Automated CI/CD
  • Extensive testing Infrastructure
  • development environment Flexible deployments to Kubernetes, serverless, or VMs