On August 8, 2019, PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) participated in the 2019 AHEMCE IT Forum held by PT United Tractor Tbk, which took place at the United Tractors Grand Ballroom. The 11th AHEMCE IT Forum was held in such a way for technology actors to face technological challenges in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

In this event, PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) participated by providing insights to participants on how to maximize business processes using the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). For example, through myveego, you can monitor and get information on various types of your assets, such as cars, ships, CCTV, laptops, and others. The monitoring process is also very easy to do because it is available in the form of web and mobile apps.

Not only AGIT, a number of technology actors and developers were also present to showcase their products at this annual event. For this reason, at the final session, the AHEMCE IT Forum was wrapped by the delivery of a placard from the organizer as an appreciation for the company's participation in the development of the technology industry 4.0.