Astragraphia Provides Covid-19 Donation to Muslim Orphanages

Jakarta, 26 February 2021, Astragraphia provided assistance in the form of Covid-19 donations to the management and foster children of the Muslimin Orphanage, Jakarta. As many as 80 people from the Muslim Orphanage received assistance in the form of basic necessities, vitamins, medical masks, and others to maintain their health and immunity so they can avoid the Covid-19 virus. Prihanto, as a representative of Astragraphia and also a member of the Astragraphia Shield, was handed over directly to the aid. This assistance was received by Mr. Jordy Herian as the administrator of the Muslim orphanage. The implementation of this donation submission is still carried out by implementing health protocols.

Apart from donating, the Astragraphia team also helped out with the socialization so that the residents of the orphanage continued to carry out the 5M behavior that must be implemented in their daily lives.

Put on a mask.
Wash your hands with soap and running water.
Keep the distance.
Move away from the crowd.
Limiting mobilization and interaction.

Before choosing the donation given, the Astragraphia team first asked the needs needed by the Muslim Orphanage so that the donation given could exactly match the needs of the orphanage. During these times, the orphanage requires personal sanitation and vitamin intake, personal protective equipment such as medical masks and basic food needs to be consumed by all residents of the Muslim Orphanage.

This activity is a manifestation of Astragraphia's support in public contributions to the Health Pillar, where the health of citizens determines the level of citizens' welfare. Therefore, Astragraphia always implements the first corporate culture, which is to become a Company that is Beneficial to the Nation and the Fairy of Life. Astragraphia wants to be able to continue to contribute to the surrounding community, especially to be able to reduce the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently hitting this country.